Stop Making Connections And Start Building Relationships

What is the biggest way you learn about businesses?  Well, let me rephrase that.  What is the biggest way you’re convinced to patronize businesses?  Chances are it’s through word of mouth.  When you hear information from someone you trust, you’re 100 times more likely to use it than if you saw it mixed in with 5 other Google ads.  Honestly, which would you trust more:  a thirty second radio commercial or your best friend?  I came across a startup recently that allows business owners to “vouch” for other businesses, which builds credibility for that business by putting its own reputation on the line.  

Vouch.IT is a social media service that’s different from the current mainstream ones.  It allows you to create a profile for your business and select other businesses that have earned your trust, and “vouch” for them.  When people visit your Vouch.IT profile, they see your business’s information as well as a list of the businesses you vouch for.  You can only vouch for 6 businesses, which means eventually you’ll have to replace the ones who aren’t living up to your expectations.

This method of business promotion works because you’re putting your own reputation at risk to vouch for other businesses.  For an offline example, let’s say you’re getting married.  You have a DJ, but you still need a photographer and a caterer.  Your DJ can recommend two companies that he/she knows are good.  If they come to your wedding and do a horrible job, you’re not going to trust that DJ anymore, are you?  That’s what makes this concept different than just adding friends on other social networks.

I created a profile for United Tech Guys on Vouch.IT.  I’ll be honest.  The user interface needs work.  There’s no place (that I can find) where you can browse through user profiles.  Keep in mind, however, that it is a beta, so perfection cannot be expected.

Vouch.IT is a really great concept for businesses, and I’d like to see it take off.  It definitely has the potential.  It just has some minor issues here and there that will surely be fixed by the end of their beta testing period.

Click here to go sign up for Vouch.IT.


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