Facebook Is “Building A Web Where The Default Is Social”

At Facebook’s f8 conference today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the many building blocks currently being produced by Facebook to spread it across the web.  Some of the components to his idea of “building a web where the default is social” include Facebook Like Buttons on countless third party sites across the web, capabilities for auto-login on third party sites via Facebook Connect, and a Facebook social bar which will include several of these plugins as well as Facebook chat.  

Facebook has redesigned its Graph API for developers so they can see connections between people, as well as connections between people and their interests.  Zuckerberg calls this the “Open Graph,” based upon the original term of “Social Graph.”

Facebook is urging developers to make subsets of the Open Graph.  Pandora, for instance, might make one around music.  Developers can just install Like Buttons and all that information will go back into the Open Graph.

“The stream is ephemeral,” says Zuckerberg. “It is there for a few hours and then it mostly floats away. Services don’t understand the semantic connections between you and that restaurant.”

Instead of the web being defined solely by hyperlinks, Facebook wants it to be defined by social and interest connections.  It’s much more personal that way.  “Our goal is to use the open graph so people can have instantly social experiences wherever they go,” Zuckerberg says.

Facebook’s Open Graph is re-engineering the Internet.  Before long, you’ll see that less sites will have their own independent account service, but rather make use of Facebook Connect’s new auto-login feature.  All of Facebook’s new Open Graph plugins look incredibly promising.


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