More Connections On Facebook Profiles

When you signed up for Facebook, did you enter your likes and interests?  Some people did.  But Facebook says that more than three times as many users have connected to numerous Facebook pages as a means to express themselves.  It is for this reason that Facebook has made some changes to profiles.

Because of this update, certain parts of your profile, including your current city, hometown, education and work, and likes and interests, will contain “connections.”  These “connections,” rather than boring text, are pages, so your profile will immediately be connected to more places, things, and experiences that are important to you.  

The next time your visit your Facebook profile, you’ll see a box that pops up that prompts you to connect to certain Facebook pages based on the interests you’ve previously entered.  You can then either connect to all these Pages—by clicking “Link All to My Profile”—or choose specific Pages.  After you do this, the plain text you had in your profile before will be changed to a series of links to the pages you chose to connect to.  The bio section will of course remain in plain text format.

To add a connection to your profile page, just click “Like” on any Facebook Page.  Facebook has replaced the “Become A Fan” button with “Like.”  You can also rearrange the order in which your connections display by editing your profile and dragging and dropping them.

Editing Facebook Connections


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