Facebook Introduces Community Pages

Facebook has recently come to the realization that its “Pages” feature is not being used as they intended.  Originally, Facebook released the feature as a way to “connect to your favorite celebrities, musicians and businesses on Facebook.”  Over time, people started creating pages for things that aren’t businesses, celebrities, etc.  One example is Baseball.

Facebook has announced its new “Community Pages” feature.  Community pages are places where you can learn about a topic or experience, as well as see what others are saying about it.  

Facebook has turned first to Wikipedia for information on these topics, but plans to soon allow users to contribute.  The first thing you see on a community page is “Info,” where the basic info from Wikipedia is displayed.  Next, there is a “Related Posts” tab, which is like a global search of Facebook posts related to the topic at hand.  The third tab, “Wikipedia,” contains the full Wikipedia entry about the subject.  Facebook has launched an initial 6.5 million community pages.


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