Paypal Email: A Phishing Scam

Editor’s Note: The following guest article was written by Bob Meyers, the primary forum moderator of Friendtown.

Back in 2008, I received an email from an email address that I thought belonged to PayPal, but it was actually a phishing scam.  Just the other day, I received another email, identical to the previous one (I know because I made a forum post documenting it)!  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT provide any information to the senders of this email.  It will not be used for legitimate purposes.  

Data Account Update Request.
From: PayPal. (
This message may be a phishing scam. Learn more
Sent:10 April 2010 10:14:21
To:   xxxxxxxx

Dear custmer , Due to the large fraud activity monitored in 2009 and many custmers registerd screen names with fake information and so fraud billing information,Paypal is taking an action against those activity through new billing system co-operating with members bank issuers. this message has been sent to all Paypal members to go through this checking if you still want your screen name

Yes, I still need my screen name please keep me registerd

No, iam not pleased with Paypal service and i am not in need for my screen name any more .

Once the process is complete, you will then be able to keep your current Paypal Network Screen Name to access Paypal Web products, including Ebay and the new Ebay Products.

As a security precaution you will not be able to obtain or change your password or update your e-mail address until you confirm your proccess. Upon confirmation you will receive a welcome message with helpful information.

(Notice : Ignoring This E-mail Will Auto-Suspend Your Screen Name By Midnight )
Thank you,

This e-mail has been sent from an e-mail address that is not monitored. Please do not reply to this message. We are unable to respond to any replies.

Notice the multiple spelling mistakes.



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