Our Name: Is It Sexist?

It has recently come to my attention via an email from a reader that the name of this site could possibly be perceived as sexist.  She noted that “guys aren’t the only ones who are interested in technology.”  I am totally aware of that.  I was also aware of that when the blog was originally founded.  The reason behind the name is the fact that it was being run by two guys.  I had no intention in angering any female geeks that read our site.  This site is for geeks of any gender, any race, any nationality, etc.  We did not base our name upon prejudice.  

The email that I got was from a female reader who would be interested in contributing a few articles if we had a different name.  This situation has crossed my mind in the past, and I’ve actually considered changing the name.

At this point, do I have any plans of changing the name?  No.  We’ve invested too much time into the promotion and social media integration of this site under the current name to change it now.  However, bear in mind that we are not sexist, and if you are a female reader who would like to contribute, we’d be thrilled to have you as our first female writer.  Please do not let the name stop you from inquiring.


2 Responses to Our Name: Is It Sexist?

  1. Versatile says:

    Now that you brought up this article, it made me realize if my own blog was sexist. In retrospect, not it’s not because my blog is a pun on words, and it applies to both male and females.

    I know what its like to start over. I’ve been there. Deleting my established youtube account after a full years worth of videos and excellent data to only throw it all away and start a new account with a new team was HARD.

    But after I moaned and griped about it for a few days, I just cleared my mind, and started hitting the ground running. I don’t regret the decision I made, and I’m sure you probably don’t regret the decision you made with the UTG name.

  2. ahslee says:

    ima girl and i dont care lol
    some people are overly sensitive. lol

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