Super Webcam: Hero Or Villain?

Super Webcam is a piece of software designed to create live video effects for things like Skype calls, Ustream broadcasts, and other things that require a live webcam feed.  It’s quite similar to the very popular WebcamMax program.

I downloaded the program about a month ago to give it a try on my live stream, but never got the chance to because I started using Ustream Producer.  Even though I’ve never actually used the software, based on recent problems with my machine, I’m beginning to wonder if Super Webcam is a hero…or a villain.   Recently, I’ve been having some serious issues with my PC.  Specifically, it has been shutting down unexpectedly.  Usually when this happens I’m running some kind of video software, whether it be ManyCam, Ustream Producer, or even Skype.  I kept trying and trying to find the cause, because I had been using those three programs for a while and had developed a bond of trust with them.

Today when I got the blue screen of death, I got into my speed-reading mindset and read through the error message before the computer restarted.  I couldn’t read all of it, but I noticed the file that had caused the shutdown was “superwebcam.sys.”

So what am I supposed to think?  That some clever coder sent me some malware packaged as Super Webcam?  I’m not buying that.  However, I’m sure a highly respected program like Super Webcam wouldn’t be including malware in their software either.

I assume what happened is that there was a bug in the software and whenever these other programs picked it up, it caused the machine to shut down.  Via the contact form on their website, I’ve asked Super Webcam for a comment.  Don’t assume anything until that comment is received.

Brad Merrill



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