Samsung Instinct As USB Modem

Do you want to take your laptop out on the road and still be connected to the Internet?  You can do this easily by connecting your mobile web-subscribed cell phone via USB and going through the steps that apply to that particular phone.  In this article, I’m going to walk you through the steps for the Samsung Instinct.

This tutorial is based on how I did it on my laptop, which is running Windows Vista.  If you’re using Windows 7, the steps should be very similar.  XP users, I’m not sure how accurate these instructions will be, bujt give it a try anyway.

The first step will be to download a program called Unlocker.  Click here to get it.  Extract the contents to the desktop or another place where you can access it easily.

Insert the installation CD that came with your phone.  If you do not have the installation CD, its contents are available for download HERE.  Install the USB driver only.

Now run the Unlocker program.

In the upper left hand corner where it says Mode, select Samsung SCH-X430.  Then go to the Setup tab on the right side.  Find your port number.  By this I mean just keep selecting different COM numbers until it says “Phone connected” at the very bottom of the window.  Don’t worry—it only goes up to 10.

Now dial this number from your phone:  ##332846368#

As soon as you press the last # sign, it will tell you to input a security code.  Go back to Unlocker and return to the Main tab on the right side.  Your security code can be found here:

Once you’ve typed in the code, a menu will come up.  Hit the “Toggle NAI” button.  Turn modem NAI OFF.  This is very important.

At this point, we are almost done.  Make sure your phone is still connected to your computer via USB.  Also make sure you have removed your memory card.  The reason for this is that the computer will recognize your phone as a storage device instead of a modem if you leave the memory card in it.

The last step is to create a network.  Go to Control Panel -> Network & Internet -> Connect to a Network -> Set up a connection or network -> Set up a dial up connection.  When it asks what modem you want to use, select “Samsung Mobile Modem.”

Type #777 for the dial-up number.  Leave all other fields unchanged on that page.

You’re done!  Now you can browse the Internet as long as you keep your phone plugged in and you’re within a Sprint 3G coverage area.  I’ve found that the connection is surprisingly fast too!

Also keep in mind that this process is a one time thing.  Once you’ve created that dial-up network, you’re good!  Just plug in your phone, go to Connect To A Network in Control Panel, and select that network!

Happy browsing!



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  1. Eric Lee says:

    I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

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