Tech Blog Trends: iPad

I read a few different tech blogs on a regular basis like I have a feeling a lot of other people do, maybe including you. Every once and a while I start to notice trends in the posts I’m reading. Sometimes these trends are easy to pick out, sometimes not so much. I have just recently noticed another one of these trends the last couple days so I figured I would share it with you.

I don’t know if you have noticed but Apple released a new product today (4/3/10) called the iPad, I think. After looking at a couple of the tech blogs that I regularly peruse, I have seen a trend in posts about this iPad. I think that it is kind of a big deal. People seem to think that it is important and will be kind of cool.

Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to review one of these new iPads for you today. Don’t get me wrong, I would love the chance to. If anyone wants to supply me an iPad, I will definitely do a review for it. But for right now, I think I am just going to have to stick with my laptop and let you read everyone else’s reviews.

What do you think about the new iPad? Did you get one? Are you going to get one? Why or why don’t you want one? Let me know what you think about Apple’s newest product.

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7 Responses to Tech Blog Trends: iPad

  1. Brad Merrill says:

    I’ll be honest. I don’t think it’s worth it. There are many iPad alternatives that don’t have the restrictions that Apple places on all of its products.
    That said, I want one. Bad. 😀

  2. That’s about the consensus here too. Everybody hates them and can’t find a purpose for one but everyone wants one.

  3. robes says:

    great article.

  4. I got an iPad on launch day and I have to say that it exceeded my already high expectations.

    The people who complain about Apple locking down their hard/software really have some merit but have no place infiltrating pro-Apple discussions. You don’t go to Ford and demand to see the schematics of their Sync software to hack it or ask for the source code for Windows 7. It’s convenient to attack Apple because they are the most relevant to society today. There are plenty of other creativity outlets for the hacker/ developer to choose. I am all for open source software and hardware, that’s why there are alternatives like Google’s Android or Palm’s WebOS. Apple makes hardware that runs flawlessly because they are so picky about what 3rd party software and hardware are allowed to do. I would much rather have a locked-down piece of equipment that always works than a fully customizable one that has enhanced risk of failure.

    • Brad Merrill says:

      Those are some good points.

  5. I would definitely agree. Apple has obviously been doing something right and I don’t think that some people complaining about their latest venture is going to change anything. A couple of friends and I were talking yesterday and I really think that the problem most people are having with it is that the iPad is being marketed to a small group of people which doesn’t include me and a lot of other people that want one. I think the iPad would be perfect for someone like my Grandpa. He has never had a computer before and this would be so easy for him to just pick up and use and never have to worry about it.

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