Grooveshark Goes Down Due To Giant Panda Issues

Grooveshark, a popular online music website, has been taken down because Pickles the Giant Panda went on a rampage.

You probably think I’m insane, right?  Here’s what Grooveshark had to say on their website.

Bear With Us

Going down for a bit. That’s what she said.

To those of you who were redirected here, we apologize.

In an attempt to befriend Asian investors and increase office morale, we here at Grooveshark established some connections with the Chinese black market and imported our very own black-and-white Giant Panda (hereby known as “Pickles”). Unfortunately, due to circumstances no one could have foreseen, Pickles became agitated at the fluorescent lights and near-constant belly rubs and began clawing at our computers.

Pickles is currently thrashing about in the server room, causing the technical difficulties and temporary outage you just experienced. As soon as our interns return from Pier 1 with synthetic bamboo, a picnic basket and an oversized net, we will be able to return the servers back to normal and, if we can, rescue the coder that Pickles has taken as a prize.

Thank you for your patience.

It’s good to see that big websites like Grooveshark have a sense of humor, isn’t it?

When you go to, you’ll be redirected to the page quoted above, which is  If you want to actually listen to some music, manually type into your address bar.



2 Responses to Grooveshark Goes Down Due To Giant Panda Issues

  1. found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  2. saul medina says:

    so how long is grooveshark going to be down?? i mean this is so fucken stupid!! i wanted to listen to music and this stupid fairy tale pops up telling me about asians and panda bears!! i dont give a flying fuck about asians and panda bears!! all i want is to listen to my fucken music in peace and forget about the fucken world!!! fuckety fuckety fuck!!! im so fucken pissed!!!!! come back grooveshark!!! FUCK!!!

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