US Government Plans To Disconnect The US From World Wide Web


Writing this article will be quite an undertaking, not only because of the amount of information I must deliver, but also because it pains me to accept the fact that this idea is becoming a reality.  Let’s try to get into this.

On March 3rd, we covered a story via YouTube about the government’s plans start policing the internet.  Now it seems that they think that just policing the Internet may not be enough for what has been discovered to be their purpose:  to prevent online networking with enemy countries.

Flaws In The Government’s Policing Plan:

You see, even with governmental sentries on every corner, there are bound to be some underground locations where said networking can take place.  The World Wide Web is a big place, and the government doesn’t have the ability to monitor every website and every network in existence.

It is for that reason that Mike McConnell deems it necessary to disconnect the United States from the Internet, or abolish the Internet altogether.

That’s right.  He wants to take the Internet and throw it in the garbage, and the entire Obama Administration supports his ideas in full.

Here’s what McConnell had to say:

Earlier this month, I spoke about re-engineering the Internet to make attribution, geo-location, intelligence analysis and impact assessment more manageable.  It made sense until we actually sat down and discussed the logistics of this plan—it wouldn’t be possible to accomplish something like this anytime in the foreseeable future. …

The Government’s New Plan:

That was his admission that the plan was going to fail.  He continued to explain the flaws of the plan, and then said this:

I’ve come to the conclusion that while the Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate and do business, it poses a threat to our national security.  People have to understand the the World Wide Web is just that—the World Wide Web.  It’s International.  Much of what you’re publishing online is being viewed by citizens, governments, and even terrorists in other countries.  You don’t want that violent ex-spouse of yours knowing what you’re doing at any given time, and the same is true with the US and its enemies.  I am proposing that instead of re-engineering the Internet, we dismantle it in the US altogether.  There is still the possibility of having smaller networks, or maybe even a national network that runs like the Internet, but is separated from it to prevent machines outside of the US from accessing its data.

Basically what McConnell was saying is that the Internet could cause national security issues, which is perfectly plausible.  His recommendation to start a national network makes sense, but I don’t think he realizes how far fetched it really is.

Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the Internet, was called to speak about the logistics of disconnecting the entire country from it.

I’ll try to keep this relatively simple, because I assume that’s what you want.  Nothing is impossible.  If you want to disconnect the nation from the World Wide Web, shut down all the service providers.  The best way to do that, I presume, would be to get the legislature to propose a bill to outlaw Internet service. … I’ll be honest.  I’m not happy about this, and I’m sure my fellow citizens won’t be either, but I suppose if it is presenting potential national security threats, it must be discontinued at once. …  If a national network is what it’s going to come to, I’ll be happy to provide any assistance necessary to establish the new network.

So that’s it.  Even the genius behind the Internet himself is in favor of dismantling it.  In my opinion, the entire idea is unrealistic, but it looks like the government really believes the security of our country is threatened by the World Wide Web.

President Obama is scheduling a speech to discuss the future of the Internet at some point in April.  No date has been determined yet, but we’ll let you know when it is.

If the government does decide to go with the national network, there’s no way to preserve the massive amount of data that is online.  Everyone who uses the Internet would lose data.

Don’t forget job loss.  Google, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and all those other US-based social networks would be flushed down the toilet.  And the government thinks the unemployment rate is high now!


What are your thoughts on this subject?  I feel that it is utterly moronic and unrealistic.  If a bill is proposed to disallow ISPs, I highly doubt it will get passed.  However, I’ve doubted things before only to be proven wrong.  To give you something from this article, I’ll just say this:  Start backing up your online data.

If you uncover further information about this story before we do, please do not hesitate to email it to  Please be sure to include your sources.

Brad Merrill

United Tech Guys

This article was posted for April Fool’s Day 2010.



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