How To Design An Awesome Facebook Fan Page

Creating a successful Facebook fan page is not an easy task, but rest assured, it can be done.  I have designed a simple but usable fan page for United Tech Guys, and I have a few tips to offer those in the process of designing a fan page.

First of all, you may not know it, but Facebook allows you to upload a profile picture that stretches all the way down the side of the page, which acts as an attractive banner that could very effectively advertise your website or business.

Facebook allows you to customize the tabs on your page if you so desire.  To do this, you must install an application called “Static FBML.”  Basically this allows you to create new tabs and add custom HTML code to them.

Add the application to your page, then visit your page.  Click the “Edit Page” button under the profile picture.  Once on that page, scroll down until you see the FBML app.  Click the edit button.

The page will look like this:

FBML Screenshot (Click For Full View)

Just enter your custom HTML into the bottom box, and title your new tab in the top box.

After you’re done editing your HTML, go back to your “Edit Page” page.  Go back down to the FBML app and click “Application Settings.”

Make sure that both “Box” and “Tab” say “Added.”  Then click Okay.

Now you should be able to go to your page and see a new tab with whatever title you added earlier.  Click on it, and you’ll see the content you added.

What I did for the UTG page was set the new tab as the landing page.  You can do that by going back to “Edit Page,” clicking “Edit” under wall settings, and selecting your new tab for the second drop-down menu.

The name of my new tab was “Home.”

Now, when people go to the UTG Facebook page, the first thing they see is my custom content.  This is my finished project:

There is also an email subscription form down below that you can’t see.

So as you can see, making a great Facebook fan page is very possible with the right tools.  Best of luck to you and your Facebook page.



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