Timing Is Everything

I know that my previous post of eBay was pretty popular (or at least ‘popular’ for my site…) so I have been planning another sometime and I guess this is the first time I have gotten around to it yet. The first one was very broad and general but had a lot of good tips in it. You can find that post, “Make Money On eBay!!” here.

I’ve decided to make this post about another tip that I have been thinking about recently. I noticed this when I was actually trying to buy something and I noticed one thing that the seller did horribly wrong.I am assuming that most people reading my blog/using eBay will be in the US so I’m sorry if you have to insert some of your own information into this post to make it make sense.

So I was watching an item for a couple days, as it had a couple hours left, I noticed it was going to end at around 1a.m. Now I was not planning on staying up until 1a.m. I mentioned in the earlier post that for buying, this may be a good idea, because not to many other people will be around. But for sellers, this is a bad idea, because I went to sleep without finishing that auction that I was planning on bidding on.

Now I thought to myself, “Who would be stupid enough to start an auction at 1a.m.??” But then I realized, the seller was from the West Coast, that makes all of his times two hours earlier than mine. So the seller had actually listed their auction closer to 10:45 but for me, it was to late.

So one thing to think about when listing auctions is to think about your time zone and the time zone everyone else is in. Try to make your auction end at a time good for your time zone and for others.

And for those of you up all night listing your auctions, you can set the start time of your auction to start later and not at the exact moment you finish the listing. This can help you to end the auction at a time that is better for everyone while still doing your work late at night. Hopefully this helps you make or save that extra buck on that eBay auction!

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