Snaptu: The Best Mobile App For Facebook, Twitter, and More

Snaptu is a free cross-platform mobile application that packages a decent library of high quality mini-apps within one main app.  For me, Snaptu is the most used app on my phone, after Opera Mini.

I am a huge Facebook and Twitter user.  I can’t go very long without checking my friends and family’s updates.  Snaptu makes this very easy because instead of opening up my browser and going to or, it takes two quick clicks to get to one of these apps.

The Facebook and Twitter clients are constantly being updated with new functionality.  I really like the user interface, and I’ve found that the customizable font is always perfectly readable.  There’s always the PC or mobile browser for the few features that Snaptu doesn’t include, a number which seems to be constantly decreasing.

I’ve also found the news readers to be particularly useful.  Snaptu has several built in news readers, including the Guardian News Reader, the Reuters News Reader, and Snaptu’s own News and Blogs reader.  The News and Blogs reader has an extensive directory of categorized RSS feeds, but you can also add one from a specific URL or import from Google Reader.

Check out United Tech Guys in the News & Blogs directory under “Technology.”

Snaptu is an amazing app.  There may be better apps for each individual feature, but the convenience of having it all laid out in front of you makes up for that.


Below is a list of all available Snaptu apps.  Snaptu users/programmers, please notify me if this list needs to be updated at any time.

  • Trivia
  • Engadget
  • Jezebel
  • Gawker
  • Gizmodo
  • Lifehacker
  • TechCrunch
  • TheSportsCampus
  • Weather Forecast
  • Reuters News Reader
  • News & Blogs
  • The Big Picture
  • London Tube
  • Twitter
  • Flickr
  • BBC News Reader
  • The Guardian News Reader
  • Google Calendar
  • Sudoku
  • Picasa
  • Facebook
  • Live Football Scores
  • MyMovies
  • London Pub Guide
  • Europe Concert Tickets
  • Cricket Scores & News
  • Dictionary
  • UK TV Guide

I would recommend this app to anyone without a smartphone, as Snaptu emulates the functionality of one.  Check out


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  2. wat40 says:

    snaptu ftw

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