’s Twitter Predictor Is Unbelievably Accurate!

Today I came across an app on that predicts things about your life by using information gathered from Twitter.  At first I was naturally skeptical.  Basically, the game tells you to put in your Twitter username, and then it asks you a series of questions and predicts what you’re going to say.  I answered 36 questions, and it correctly predicted every single one.  Some of these questions have several answers too.

It was scary accurate.  So scary accurate that I thought it was fake and it just “predicted” whatever answer you put in.  But then I realized that you can “take a peak” at Hunch’s prediction before you answer each question.  I started doing that about 10 questions in, and it continued to correctly predict my responses.

So how does this game work?  Presumably, it scans through your tweets, the people you’re following, your followers, and your profile, and uses that information to predict your answers.  After a while, it will start using your answers to other questions in the game to generate new ones.  It also uses whatever other information Hunch has collected from you over time.

Check out Hunch’s feedback/Q&A page about the Twitter Predictor by clicking here.


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