Windows 7 Phone Hacked Already

A lot of people, especially people like me that have a thing for phones, have been watching the new Microsoft mobile software, Windows Phone 7 Series to see what comes of it. For those of the people that haven’t been paying attention to it’s developments, there has been a breakthrough. Mr. Dan Ardelean has already hacked it. Score another one for the hackers.

Basically, Microsoft release a nice little emulator so you could see what the new software will look like on a phone. Of course when released, it wasn’t showing you any of the apps besides Internet Explorer, and we all know how much everyone loooves Internet Explorer already…

After Mr. Ardelean hacked it, the emulator now shows a lot more apps that will come pre-loaded on the phone, most of them are already usable. Now of course after Microsoft found out about this, they said that they knew that this was going to happen and they just wanted to remind everyone that these apps  are all still in the works so some of them will not work the best.

Dan posted a video on Engadget going through and describing all of the features and apps that he unlocked. Take a look at it if you are interested. It looks pretty good.

From looking at the video, I think that the new Windows 7 phone OS looks pretty good. One thing that I think looks really nice is the black background with the white text. Not only do I think that that would be a nice change, but that would probably make for a longer battery life too. But only time will tell if the new Windows Phone will be as good, or as bad, as the last one.

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