Respect The List!

One service that I really enjoy that I haven’t really written a blog post on about yet is Twitter. If you haven’t signed up yet, you should. Twitter is super easy and can be very fun and informative. But I’m not really here to tell you about Twitter, this post is more to rant at the people that use Twitter.

Twitter has pretty much stayed the same since it has been in existence, it is still super simple. There have been minor changes like the retweet button and this new location tweeting and for some reason, people always make a huuuuge deal out of it. But to narrow this topic down again, I’m not here to rant at the people that make a big deal about these changes, I’m here to rant about something that nobody has made a big deal about yet.

One of the biggest changes to Twitter that I have seen since I started using it in early 2007 is the addition of lists. This little should be revolutionizing the Twitter world but nobody seems to be using it.

So on the homepage of Twitter it just shows the tweets of all of the people you are following. By making a new list, it is basically giving you another homepage for a bunch of the same or different people’s tweets. This could be handy in a few situations that I can think of.

Imagine being a business or advertising something. The point of your Twitter account is to just get as many followers as possible and one of the best ways to do that is to follow as many people as you can. This though, dilutes your home feed with a lot of tweets that don’t really interest you. I am following 132 people at the moment and I can barely keep up with all of them. If you get over a couple hundred it would be completely impossible.

This is where the lists come in. Create a new list for your family and friends, other businesses, or even one for restaurants. Then by adding only the people you want to read into these lists, you no longer have to sift through hundreds of tweets to find the ones you want.

Another nice thing with lists is that following someone and adding them to a list are completely different. Just because you add 100 people to a list, it doesn’t clog up your homepage. You can still keep a list of tweets that you might want to read occasionally without diluting the tweets you always want to read.

Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just missing something but that is what I think. If you use lists let me know that and let me know what you use them for. What are your list titles?

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One Response to Respect The List!

  1. Brad Merrill says:

    I’m glad you wrote this. Not many people even know about the list feature, and even less use it. I think it’s an awesome way to stay organized on Twitter.

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