Make Your Own Bar Code

Do you have a Bar Code Scanner App on your phone? If you do, you know exactly what this little black box to the left is. This bar code is called a QR-Code and they are becoming all the rage. These QR-Codes can be used to transfer different information such as names, email addresses, website URL’s, phone numbers or just plain text. The little bar codes may not seem very powerful, but once you understand the power and usability of these little gems, you will be forever changed.

Just think of where bar codes are already being used. In stores. Well why do they use them in stores? Stores use bar codes to keep track of items. What they have, how many they have and how much they cost. Well why can’t we apply these same principals to people.

Basically, you give every person a bar code. Or a website or email address or a phone number gets a bar code, whatever you want really. Then to see what this person/thing is, you just scan it using your phones camera and you have all of its information right there on your phone.

So what are you saying Devon, that I am going to wear a big bar code on my shirt, everyone scans it and they know everything about me? Well, yes. Ok, well not necessarily like that but the same principals. A person could put their business’ bar code on their business card along with the phone number, address and website URL. You hand the business card to someone, they scan it and all of your business’ information is saved into their phone. Handy, right?

Look at it this way. I’m having a big party next weekend and I’m putting posters up all over town. Instead of someone having to write down my name, phone number, address and what time it’s at, they just scan the bar code. It’s that easy.

If you want to make your own QR-BarCode, head over to Kaywa where you can make one very easily for yourself.

For more tips and tricks like this one, head on over to



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