Touch Me To Skip This Song

Ok, so I am going to be honest here. My first impression when I saw this article was that it is just another lame attempt at something that doesn’t even really have a productive use. Then I watched the video. I now want one.

So I found the article “Skinput, the Touch-Interface For Your Skin, Brings a Whole Nother Meaning to Touch Typing” on Gizmodo. I decided to take a look and I was not disappointed.

Chances are, this is not what you are thinking, it wasn’t for me. One of the suggestions at the beginning of that article was to just take a projector keyboard and project it onto your arm, same thing. Well, not quite. This technology has a sensor placed on your upper arm and then measures the pressure, acceleration, force and sound on the taps you make on your arm. Now that’s intense.

One of the things that I thought this is really cool for, would be the fact that you don’t actually need the projection on your arm anywhere. You could just program your pointer finger as the skip button and your middle finger as the pause button on your iPod and you would never need to take it out of your pocket again. Make sure you watch this video, it is definitely worth it. That and this guy can explain this a lot easier that I can.

For more information and tips like this, make sure you hit up


One Response to Touch Me To Skip This Song

  1. Brad Merrill says:

    Wow. I’ve never even imagined this type of technology. I want one.

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