Do You Control Terrorism?

While browsing the different tech sites that I visit from time to time, I came upon an article that peaked my interest for a couple reasons. I originally found the article on Engadget here.

The article outlines how an original Playstation controller was found at a bomb making site in Afghanistan and it is assumed that it was to be used as a detonation device. When I first saw this article, a couple of thoughts flitted through my mind.

  • Firstly, that’s kind of cool and it makes sense too. A gaming controller would definitely make a great detonator for anything. It makes sense, I can’t believe that no one thought of that before.
  • Second, what’s the big deal? Why are they making such a fuss that there was a PlayStation controller there. It could have been anything. All you need to do is put two wires together. I have a feeling there are a couple people in politics/media that still do not like video games…
  • Lastly, what are they trying to get at with this story? What’s it’s purpose? Are they trying to tell us to be more careful when getting rid of our video games? Make sure you incinerate anything and everything, you don’t want it to get into the wrong hands. Are they trying to say that countries with higher terrorist activity should not be allow to play video games? Or are they just trying to prove that video games promote terrorism/violence again?

Anyway you look at it, I think that the media is trying to make a story out of nothing. I do think it is kind of cool that someone is using technology for purposes that it wasn’t necessarily built for(I am not condoning terrorism…). But other than that, it’s a PlayStation controller. Get over it, you could find at least three of them in my basement.

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