RemakingMySpace (Out Of The Question)

In the summer of 2009, Katie Geminder was hired by MySpace to assemble an army of outside designers and user interface experts to remake the image of MySpace by building from the ground up.  The team consisted of four people, and they worked for six months out of a conference room in MySpace’s San Francisco offices.  They were working on a new site that would be located at

RemakingMySpace was going to be something totally different—with all the old stuff thrown out.  Users and employees would be solicited for input.  They planned to rebuild the service entirely, brick by brick.

It was an exciting and opportunistic project, but now it’s dead.  Geminder left MySpace recently.  The guy who hired her was terminated a week before she left.

The project was doomed before it started.  Geminder was strongly pushing the project, obviously, and she was being supported by Van Natta, CEO at the time.  Chief Product Officer Jason Hirschhorn hated the idea.  He wanted to see a more straigh-forward redesign of MySpace.  However, that didn’t matter as long as Van Natta was still CEO.  But when he was gone, Hirschhorn became a co-president and RemakingMySpace was flushed down the toilet.

MySpace still wants to re-imagine its user interface, but RemakingMySpace is not going to be their solution.


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