Why Internet Explorer Is A Bad Browser

If you have a PC, you’ve used IE before, even if only to download another browser. So, does Internet Explorer suck? No, not really. It’s a functional browser and it does what I want it to do.
If it doesn’t suck, why does everyone say it does? Internet Explorer is (unless loaded with tons of unnecessary toolbars) not slow. The reason people think it is is simply because there are other browsers out there now, such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, that are lighter and faster. Am I defending IE? Certainly not. Microsoft needs to get with the program and redesign their browser. I prefer to use Google Chrome.
The other problem with IE is the fact that it is the most common web browser, so it gets attacked a lot. If you were writing a virus and you wanted it to do as much harm as possible, would you want it to attack a not-so-popular browser, or the single MOST popular one?
In short, speed and security are the too biggest problems IE has. Don’t get me wrong, ther are others as well, but I just wanted to make those two clear.
If you still use Internet Explorer, go get Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox! IE is the most outdated browser available.


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