All Your Favorite Social Networks In One Place — Social XP!

How many browser tabs do you have open right now?  My guess is between five and ten.  Do you have social networking sites such as MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook open?  Don’t you feel disorganized with all those tabs open?  Why don’t you close all those tabs right now?  I just finished designing a website that allows you to access all those sites in one place.  It includes Google Buzz, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, Wikipedia, Techmeme, and Digg.  That list is subject to change as requests come in.

Here’s how the site works:  It is a series of 8 IFRAMEs that each contain the iPhone optimized version of one of the sites above.  This compresses them so they all fit comfortably on one page.  This is NOT an iPhone site!  This is just using the iPhone versions of these sites on a desktop.

Yes, improvements are on the way and YOUR HELP can make this site better.  You can always email me your suggestions.

Here is a screenshot:

Pretty sick, right?  To use Buzz on SXP, you have to be signed into your Google account on another tab.

Please check out the site.  I like it, and I plan to start using it.

If you like it, tweet it.  That’s how people get exposed to these apps—through their friends.

Click here to visit Social XP!

Please, PLEASE leave your feedback in the comments section!


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